LJ’s Helping Hand

We’ve been working a lot on the foundation.  Although we haven’t even done our first event yet, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  

Ever since LJ “graduated” from Early Intervention, I’v’e been wanting to help others.  The therapists we had helped us through everything.  The blogs I read gave me a sense of community.   My readers gave us support.

It’s amazing how many children out there have special needs.  We’ve only just started this foundation and I’ve already received a few emails.  Mothers who feel so alone and isolated.  Thrown into this “special” world where only those of us who are already there, understand.  

In the beginning, I wanted to help get equipment or therapy insurance wouldn’t cover for families.  But after thinking about it, I realized I wanted to do more.  I wanted to lend an ear.  Some encouraging words.  I wanted to let other “special” parents know that they are not alone in their struggles to do whats best for their child.  That their thankless sacrifices aren’t unnoticed.  That someone knows how hard their battles can be.

Another goal of mine is to educate those who care about these special families.  Whether they are friends or other family members.  People are so uncomfortable with those who are different.  They’re afraid to say the wrong thing or just don’t know what to say.  They don’t know how they can be supportive.  They end up just avoiding the subject all together.  To me, that’s the worst thing you could do.  It’s like you’re pretending we don’t exist.  I’d rather you say the “wrong” thing and know that you cared, then nothing at all.

I have to remind myself that I was once like them.  I didn’t know there was another “world” out there.  LJ opened my eyes.  I wouldn’t have know what to say if the roles were reversed and it was my best friend who had a child with special needs.  I wouldn’t have know that saying nothing was hurting and isolating them. 

My goals for the foundation may be a little broad but the response to our Facebook page alone is proof enough that we’re on the right track.  That there are a vast number of families out there feeling lost.

And, I’m happy to say, there are also an equal amount of other families wanting to learn how they can help.Image

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