Special Needs Link Love

Welcome to the third edition of Special Needs Link Love! 

Life in Holland– Go read Jamie’s blog description.  I’ll wait.  When I first read it, I thought, “That’s it, exactly!”  I love her honesty and I value her opinion a lot, not just because she’s a nurse, but a very thorough mom like myself!  Her girls are so adorable and I love reading about Anna’s, her daughter with CP, accomplishments.

Pray for Nathan– I haven’t been following this blog too long but I’m already in love with Nathan and his mom., Marcela  She’s so honest!  I take comfort in her researching tendencies as I tend to do the same thing, just not as diligently and not as much as she does!  I love that she so often shares her findings with her readers.  This is a great informative, personal blog

Oley Foundation– This link was left by a staff member of the Oley Foundation.  While the format of the site might be a little overwhelming at first, take the time to check it out if you or someone you know is tube or IV fed.  I’ve only just touched on their resources but I can already tell it’s going to be useful.  There are printouts and lots and lots of tips that I think could be very helpful, especially if you’re trying to bring in another caregiver, even if only temporary.

5 Minutes For Special Needs– Another great site with a collection of great writers.  Some of my favorite special mama bloggers contribute to this site.  Be sure to check out their blogroll!

I’m a little short on links this week.  I haven’t had a chance to review too many since everyone around here has been sick, including myself.  I should be able to catch up this weekend.  Please send me your links to OurYellowBrickRd@gmail.com!


Special Needs Link Love

I’m always looking for new links for special needs.  So in order to keep y’all informed, I thought I’d do a Special Need Links Roundup with a little description of the links I’ve found.  Some of these are old news, but I thought since some might not know about them, I’d better start from the beginning.

To The Max!  This was the first CP blog I stumbled upon.  I don’t remember how I got there, but I’m glad I did.  Max is such a lovable boy and his mama, Ellen, is an amazing woman/writer.  She talks about many subjects including equipment, confessions of a special needs mom, and some subjects that may be a bit controversial (like use of the R word).

Bird On The Street Katy is a former special ed teacher with an adorable son, Charlie.  She has some great units on teaching your child and activities to reinforce the lesson!  Charlie is about LJ’s age, also with Cerebral Palsy.  I discovered her blog through Love That Max!

Elijahland! is another one of my favorites!  Elijah is also about LJ’s age with Cerebral Palsy.  Another adorable boy with some great parents, Lisa and Andy.  Andy also has a blog about CP treatments.  Elijah’s CP is similar to LJ’s, a result of oxygen deprivation.  I love watching videos that Lisa post about Elijah and celebrating his accomplishments! 

Special Child Exchange is probably one of my least favorite names for a group because, well, it sounds like your exchanging your child!  But really, this is a wonderful Yahoo! Group.  It’s actually two groups, but this site will lead you to both.  The board is just for parents to ask for advice, exchange information, and provide support.  You will find a great group of moms here and sometimes even find someone in your area.  The Equipment exchange board is for parents to post equipment.  You can find a lot of good pieces for reduced prices, many items used.  Some parents even post discounted clothes and toys that they find that really helps other parents out, especially during the holidays.

Danielle’s Foundation This is a wonderful resource for parents of children with Cerebral Palsy and/or Brain Injuries.  After submitting my information, they called me very quickly to talk about LJ.  The same day, I was sent an email of a list of local resources.  They also sent me a book on therapies, which I’ve only had a chance to glance through, but it looks like an amazing resource.  They provide links and guides to fundraising and the volunteers there are so helpful.  They also just started a grant program where you can apply for things that insurance won’t cover!  Or even just those “convenience” items like, oh, I don’t know, a high chair.

If you have any links you’d like me to check out, please email me at OurYellowBrickRd@gmail.com 

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