Parenting Children with Special Needs Magazine Event

Saturday was a launch event hosted by Parenting Children With Special Needs Magazine.  I’m so excited about this magazine.  It’s going to provide so many resources to families and spread awareness.  I hope the magazine will make it easier for parents to find resources they need.  I know it wasn’t easy for me.

ANYWAY, the event!  One of the first things I really noticed was that I didn’t feel like everyone was looking at us.  Really.  I feel like people stare everywhere we go.  At the ranch, where the event was held, it felt like we belonged.  No one was judging us.  Everyone had a smile for us.  Volunteers weren’t afraid to talk to us or ask about LJ’s disability. 

We let Noah hit the “train” with my parents (Louie was out-of-town) while I got LJ’s feed ready.  I don’t think Noah really cared about it, but he didn’t NOT like it and it gave me time to get things ready, so it was a win.  LJ had a photo shoot while we waited.  It was quite bright out, so I’m not sure if she got a good picture.

Next, we hit the goats.  I was going to see if I could get the boys to pet them but the goats were too busy taking food from everyone.  I realized later that there was actually a petting zoo inside the barn that we walked right past. 

Then I thought it would be a great idea to get Noah (who, remember, is about 15 months) to have a pony ride.  We watched some kids go before us but as soon as I put him on the horse, he was twisted around, looking at all the other kids on the other ponies.  The volunteer was a good sport about it.

Afterwards we headed back to the crafts area.  I would have helped Noah make a crown, but he really hates wearing things on his head.  Plus, I’m pretty sure he would have eaten some glue or something.  So instead, we had the boys put their handprints on a poster with other kiddos and he had a little paint instead.  Good times.  

LJ's is the smeared brown one LJ’s is the smeared brown one at the top.

Next, they got to try playing with some shaving cream.  I really loved their sensory ideas.  I’ve been wanting to do more craft like projects at home, but was weary on how Noah would react.  I’m glad we got to test these things out because I know I’ll probably wait on things like finger-painting and chalk.  And shaving cream.  And glue.

He really didn’t like it at first, but then it wasn’t so bad!  Way to sneak in the OT!

I also got to meet the editor, Kara Cowie.  We exchanged information and I told her about the Facebook group I created for parents of children with CP.  Maybe one day they’ll feature a story about our family!

What a great event!  It seems like this month alone I’ve gotten 3 invites to different events pertaining to special needs.  It seems like they’re popping up out of nowhere!  I’m excited to attend the next couple of events and hopefully have more time to connect with other parents.  It’s really, really nice to know we’re not alone.

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