About Me

I’m Christy.  I’m a twenty-something mama, residing in KC.  If you’ve heard anything about the Wizard of Oz, you can guess what side of the state line I live on from my blog title.  Admittedly, a bit unoriginal, but I think it’s very fitting for our lives.

I have two boys, LJ and Noah, and a daughter, Sofia.  LJ was born a week late (I’m always asked if he was premature) and with a very swollen head, due to a lack of oxygen.  We’re unsure of the reason or the amount of time he didn’t have oxygen.  Just that it resulted in severe brain damage which led to the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy at 1 years old.  He also has CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment-a form of visual impairment that is caused by a brain problem rather than an eye problem) along with other developmental delays.

Thus began our journey into the world of special needs.  And such a big, intimidating world it is!

I began blogging as an outlet and eventually to connect to other parents of kids with special needs.  There aren’t very many local parent support groups in the midwest.  If you’re a parent of a child with CP, feel free to join me on our Facebook Group.  Just search “Cerebral Palsy Parent Support Group Kansas City and Surrounding Area”.

Our lives are filled with therapies, doctor’s visits, finding adaptive equipment, battling insurance denials, researching medical and educational information, and more therapies.  There’s usually something scheduled for every weekday.  Weekends are our time to just be.

I love to read.  I’m more into the fantasy world then an adult probably should be (re:nerd) but I love anything with a good story.  Feel free to email me your favorites!  I also watch too much tv and spend too much time on the internet, but I suppose that’s the world we live in.

This is our life.  No one ever said it would be easy – in fact, I’m pretty sure my mom told me it wouldn’t be (Hi Mom!).  But it’s ours and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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  1. Nice to “meet” you! I found you from Living with Special Needs authors (I’m one as well) Feel free to visit me if you’d like! I have an almost 2 year old with spastic diplegia CP. I just read LJ’s birth story. Hope to get to know you a bit more soon!

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