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    Wife to Bryce and mother of three children, LJ, Noah, and Sofia. Living in a very "special" world of special needs. LJ has cerebral palsy, myoclonic seizures, developmental delays, and cortical visual impairment. This is our yellow brick road.
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I’m back!

I never intended to leave for this long.  Looks like life had a different plan for me.

I’m now happily married to my soul mate, Bryce.

I had a beautiful baby girl in November.


I have a first grader…

LJ’s first day of first grade

And a preschooler…

Noah’s first day of preschool

I’m glad to be back in the blogging world.  There are so many families I miss keeping up on.  Please be sure to check out LJ’s Helping Hand Foundation.  We’ve just started and can use as much support as we can get!  Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook.


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  1. This post warrants about five congratulations!! What a beautiful family. So glad to see you back. 🙂

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