Special Needs Link Love

I have discovered so many special needs web sites this past month.  It’s exciting and a little overwhelming!  I’d like to continue this edition of Special Needs Link Love (SNLL) every week, but I need your help!  Please send me sites you’ve discovered or even your blog link, with a little description, to OurYellowBrickRd@gmail.com

Roa Jo’s Journey– I relate to Roa’s mom, Jennifer, so much!  Apparently I had the wrong feed link on my blog and haven’t received the updates, but I’ve fixed everything.  Roa Jo is about a year younger than LJ with Quadraspastic CP.  I love watching him grown and his mama has a great writing voice!

TherExtras– Dr. Boucher site has a wealth of information that I’ve only begun to delve into.  She provides information on everything from child development to wheelchairs and standers.  You can tell the she works very hard to provide accurate and useful information.

The Stir– I love this Cafe Mom site, but I’m mostly there for Amy.  Her son, Noah, has Sensory Processing Disorder.  Her humor in these often stressful situations is a relief.  I’ve laughed and cried with her in the same post.  Even if you don’t follow her at her main site (you should!), you should check out her posts here, every Thursday.

Living with Special Needs– Shameless plug!  This is actually a fairly new site that I was asked to contribute to.  There are many other contributors, all of them with children with special needs.  Keep your eye out on this site as it continues to grow!

Parenting Children With Special Needs– This is actually a local magazine that launched its first issue in Aug/Sept by, who else, a mom of a sweet boy with special needs.  It’s the first of its kind in our area (KC).  I’ve been really excited about the next issue.  You can check out their issues online or support them and receive them at home for $10.  Be sure to read her story here.


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