Birthday Boy

Dear LJ,

Today is such a bittersweet day.  My boy is getting bigger!  He’s 35 inches long, almost 23 pounds, and has come a very long way since our days in the NICU.

Those days in NICU play all too well in my mind, still.  Especially on this day.  Last year, as I held you in my arms and whispered in your ear how proud I am of you, I couldn’t help the tears that fell.  I couldn’t help mourning what should have been.  I couldn’t help being a little resentful for you.  And for me.

You have taught me so much, though.  How to stand on my own two feet.  Patience.  Compassion.  How to be strong when everything feels like it’s falling apart.  You have filled me with a passion I’ve never known.  For kids, but especially for kids with special needs.  For their parents.  For you.

This year, you’ll start preschool.  Which brings a whole set of new fears.  But you have such a sweet and loving personality, that I know others are instantly drawn to you.  Some even love you.  I’m not sure what scares me more; that attraction or being excluded.  I think you’ll do great, though.  It’ll be an adjustment, but a good one.  And we’ll be there whenever you need.

I’m so very proud of you.  Of all the hardwork you do.  Of all your accomplishments, no matter how seemingly small.  I know it won’t always be easy, in fact, it will probably rarely be.  But this is our path to take together.  Our yellow brick road.  And I would happily take it with you.

Happy Birthday Son.

Love always,
Your mama xoxoxoxoxo

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  1. I just realized today that I hadn’t switched over to your new wordpress blog! I’ve been missing out on posts. 😦 Got caught up now, so yay!

    Happy (Belated) birthday to LB! I know how bittersweet it can be, though, for you. Hold your head up, you’re doing great with your little man.

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