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    Wife to Bryce and mother of three children, LJ, Noah, and Sofia. Living in a very "special" world of special needs. LJ has cerebral palsy, myoclonic seizures, developmental delays, and cortical visual impairment. This is our yellow brick road.
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PH study

Last Saturday, LJ and I went in for his PH Study, which basically tests reflux levels.  We were sent there so we’d have the results when we go to our GI appointment this month and discuss if we’re going to be doing a fundoplication (fundo).  Fundos are a bit more invasive than say a g-tube (feeding tube through the tummy).   The week prior, we had an upper GI done to make sure all of his insides are in the right place.  Don’t you love my medical terminology?

The doctor told us that when they did the upper GI, they noticed he aspirated a bit.  Funny they didn’t mention that at the time.  I mentioned it could be a coincidence, since LJ doesn’t normally drink lying down, but then again, I have noticed he’s been gagging quite a bit lately.  That’s a little disheartening since he’s never really seemed to have an issue.  She told me that she’d have someone call me to set up a swallow study, but I’ve yet to receive a phone call.  I knew I should have got their number.

They started out by placing a tube in his nose and then sending him to have an X-ray to make sure they placed it correctly.  They didn’t, but it was easily fixed.  LJ, needless to say, was quite unhappy about the procedure.

We had scheduled feedings at every 3 hours (from the beginning of the meal) during the day.  For the most part, we would lay him down afterwards.  Throughout the night, we were allowed to extend those feedings to every 4 hours.  Let me just tell you that 4 am feedings are not really practical. 

The best part about the whole experience was ordering food for him.  It really sucks when we go out, we’re limited to things like mashed potatoes.  At the hospital, they had a menu of things we could order, pureed.  At home, I’m so concerned with his calorie intake and nutrition that I don’t puree his foods separately.  He gets a mosh posh of meat and veggies and some kind of soup to make it taste better.

I discovered he loooooves chocolate chip cookies and chicken nuggets.  And he loves real bananas as much as the jar kind.  BBQ beef was a little strong for him, but he didn’t mind green beans with sour cream.  He didn’t eat as much as he normally does, although he doesn’t normally eat every 3 hours.  He had also been off his reflux medication since Wednesday and off his Mirilax since Friday (which is a daily thing for us).  He did really well, considering, with minimal complaints.  Except at 4 am.  But mommy was cranky too.

I am a little upset that the past two days he’s been spitting up quite a bit when he’s done so well this last month.   I mean, couldn’t he have at least done that while he was being tested?  I cannot figure out why his body would be doing this.

We’ll know the results when we have our GI appointment.  I’m interested to see just how bad his reflux really is. 



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  1. […] he was 23 pounds some odd ounce.  Wait.  Did she just say 23?  They reported that at the PH Study, but they didn’t sound sure, so I took it with a grain of salt.  I know one pound […]

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