One minute at a time

I’ll be straight with you; I’ve been in quite a funk lately.

I’ve been working more, which means less time with LJ. Not that I’ve been spending tons of time with him because Noah is still on the, “Someonepleaseholdmeanddon’teventhinkaboutsettingmedown” stage.

Of course I feel guilty about not working with LJ, too. I guess lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about his future. We’re suppose to start looking into schools Dec/Jan (because the school he would go to doesn’t have a preschool).

I follow a lot of blogs that have kids with special needs too. I’m excited for a lot of the progress their kiddos make but at the same time it breaks my heart.

Like watching Noah accomplish milestones, easily.

I guess that’s the life of a parent with a special needs kid, though. Sometimes you’re at a place where you’ve accepted what will be, will be. And sometimes, you go back to that point where your heart was breaking because you knew something was terribly wrong.


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