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    Wife to Bryce and mother of three children, LJ, Noah, and Sofia. Living in a very "special" world of special needs. LJ has cerebral palsy, myoclonic seizures, developmental delays, and cortical visual impairment. This is our yellow brick road.
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Give me wisdom, give me peace!

Remember when I was still pregnant with Noah and had to get that extraction? Fun times!

Well, the other day, while I was scarfing down some food, I felt something on that gum area. At first, I thought maybe it was food. Then I thought, maybe I had scratched it. But what I felt was too hard.

Then I noticed my jaw and gum was pretty sore.

I realized that I had a tooth coming in! My wisdom tooth that didn’t want to come out during the extraction of the previous tooth that occupied that space.

I still don’t have dental insurance so I’m really not sure if this is bad. It feels like there’s room in there, and it would be nice to chew back there again.

But now I’m way more sympathetic to LJ. Because being 24 and teething? Not so fun.


One Response

  1. Ouch. That doesn't sound too fun! Good luck with that. I have a couple wisdom teeth (forgot which side) that didn't have to be removed since there was sufficient room.

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