Donate 4 Dachshunds!

As you probably know, I contribute to Who’s Your Dachshund. The following post is copied from there to help explain a project Ben and the other contributors are working on. I love that my fellow bloggers are working to help our four-legged friends in need. Please read the post and help spread the word. We appreciate your support.


Being the owners of smaller canine companions – physically at least – we know first-hand how something so small can have such a big impact on our lives. I’m not even going to bother asking if you could imagine a life without your pups. For that reason, it’s only natural that we as animal lovers come together to accomplish something BIG to change the lives of vulnerable animals around the world.

Over the past month, the ten contributors of WYD have connected with nearby animal shelters from Nova Scotia to South Africa; each one filled with incredible people giving abandoned animals the love and attention they deserve. So we figured, why not give each of these shelters a little love and attention of their own?


…collect as many donations as we possibly can by the end of April to split between these phenomenal shelters. You can donate securely using our ChipIn widget below. We will be over the moon with even the smallest contributions 🙂

If you aren’t able to contribute financially, there are plenty of other ways you can help spread the word that will be just as appreciated! You can even click ‘Copy’ on the donation widget to get the HTML code that you can use to include the widget in your own blog posts!

The widget is having a hard time keeping up with us. Until I get it sorted out,know that we’re well over $500 already. Not bad for day one!

Here are the organizations that we’ll be working with over the next month. We’ll give you updates and insights into the world of animal rescue and the massive benefit that they have on the lives of millions of animals worldwide. Look forward to video diaries, messages from volunteers, amazing adoption stories and lots of prizes!

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