Glad you approve

Well, we missed a week of therapy with the Rehab Institute because the insurance wanted to make sure we weren’t duplicating services with EI (our current therapists) and to make sure we basically didn’t have the same goals.

Which is a little ridiculous to me. I mean, all of our goals tend to be along the lines of LJ reaching his fullest potential and being as independent as possible.

Of course, the Rehab Institute is a medical facility. They’ll be applying intense therapy with the loads of medical equipment they have access to. They’ll work him to a bone for the 2 hour sessions he’ll be there, twice a week.

Our EI therapists come to his natural environment (our home) and teach us how to do things on a daily basis that will help him. They teach us how to use ordinary things for therapy. It’s not the most intense therapy but it’s not something I would drop either. They’ve been extremely helpful in helping us find our way and coping with this journey. I just know it’s time for LJ to do more.

So needless to say, I was a little frustrated with the insurance company. It worked out though, thanks to the collaborative efforts of his coordinators at both EI and the RI. We start this Friday.

I still have yet to hear from the aquatics people, though. If I don’t hear anything by next week, I’m just going to let our EI coordinator handle it. I have so many appointments to keep up with, my head is spinning. Plus, I’m seeing my own doctor every week now. More on that later.

I’ve really been inspired by a fellow blogger who’s son is in a similar situation. His parents work really hard for him and while others tell me I’m doing so much for LJ, they’ve really inspired me to do and seek more. Check out Elijahland.


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