The Rehab Institute

Last Friday we went to the Rehab Institute for our two our evaluation. It was a different feeling, walking into this place and seeing all the children work, all the equipment they had. I was overcome with excitement.

We met with the speech therapist first, which I was thrilled about. I’ve asked for a speech therapist through our EI services (who our current PT and OT work from) but they didn’t think he was ready.

The speech therapist thought she could help him learn some communication tools as well as help strengthen the mouth for feeding.

Then we met with the OT and the PT. They were wonderful. They checked his tone, did stretches, and did a mini-session of sorts. We discussed goals, his current therapy sessions, and equipment they could help us obtain. Then, with pedi-wraps on his arms (keeping his elbows straight) and with hardly any support, they had him sitting. Sitting. I could have cried right there.

He fussed and cried for a good part of the session, but it wasn’t any worse then it is with Amy and Mindy. In fact, they said he was dealing with it pretty well, considering all the things they were doing with him.

They recommended we come twice a week, for two hours. The OT said she’d like to co-treat with both the PT and the Speech Therapist, she’ll just need to get it approved. They talked about a third day, but wanted to wait and make sure the insurance would approve this first.

We’re going to be busy. I’m still waiting on EI to contact me about the aquatic therapy, which I’m hoping we can do every week as well. That will be 6 therapy sessions a week, on top of my weekly doctors appointments and his other doctors appointments. I think it’s good, though. I know LJ can do so much more, he just needs to be pushed the right way. Doing the same thing we have been doing was fine, but it wasn’t producing the results I would like… that I know he’s capable of. Sometimes I feel like we’re on the cusp of making another step. but we just can’t seem to find a way.

I’m really excited. Louie and I felt so good after the session. We’ll be sacraficing a lot, like time at work, but there’s no question on whether or not we’d do it.

The best part is, he gets to be interactive with other children, preparing him for his baby brother. And when they had finished the session? They held him till he stopped crying before giving him to us.

I almost cried again.


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