Interview with me

Interview questions by Sarah from Sensibly Sassy.

1. When you drift off to sleep what is usually your last thought?
Usually my mind is racing at bed time, no matter how tired I am. I’m always thinking about appointments I have, appointments I need to make, or ways I can better my son, LJ’s therapy. Lately, I’ve started counting down from 100 so I can go to sleep sometime within 30 minutes, lol.

2. Being a mama is a full time job, what is something you enjoy doing just for you?

Honestly, I don’t take enough time for myself. I think most moms do that, but I feel especially guilty of not doing so because my son has special needs. Last weekend, though, I had to get out. I went shopping for shoes, but didn’t really find any. I ended up buying stockings and something for my son. I like to read a lot, but don’t seem to have time for it.

3. Would you rather be on vacation with friends and family forever but be permanently seasick or would you rather have a job you love, with benefits, great pay but not get more than three days off at a time?
Ahh, this is a hard one! I’ve never been seasick, but I have been car sick, and that was NOT fun. I think I would actually take the job. I surprise myself with this answer, but I figure if it’s a job I truly love, then it won’t feel like work. I’d just have to get past the guilt of not being at home with LJ and the other one on his way.

4. If you were a piece of clothing (shoes count too) what would you be and why? I would be a pair of stilettos. I have a small shoe obsession and I think those are something you could add to almost any outfit and make it classy. I love looking classy, although you’ll usually find me in a pair of tennis shoes. or house slippers, lol.

5. Why did you start blogging and why do you keep doing it?
I started blogging because my son was born 41 weeks (everyone always asks if he was a premie) with a lack of oxygen and thus has cerebral palsy. It was a really hard process for me to deal with and I really secluded myself, with just him and me. I needed to be able to just get it out there, no matter how painful it was and try to connect with others, even if it wasn’t through other special need mamas, and just regular 20-somethings out there. I continue blogging because I enjoy the outlet, but it also helps me keep track of his progress, and my own. Plus, it’s an added bonus when I can help anyone else out there going through a similar, or not-so-similar experience.


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