Rehab Appointment

Last Tuesday we went to the rehabilitation clinic to see Dr. Rehab. Our PT had expectantly let us down and failed to email the notes we went over, including adding some of her own, to discuss with this doctor. I had felt like the first appointment was a complete and utter FAIL. But of course, all the other doctors would take 6+ months to get into, so I did my research, and put my Mommy Pants on.

We discussed his equipment and some of my problems with it (stander is old and missing parts, left splint slides off during therapy, denial of high-low folding booster base for kid cart). She agreed he probably needed to be fitted for a stander, wrote an order for new splints, and said she would talk to the United Seating people about the denial, to see if she could do anything. She also said she’d order Pedia wraps, which are kind of like ace bandages but better, to wrap around his knees while we’re waiting for the new stander. She said we could then use them during therapy around his left arm.

I then went into therapy with her, telling her a little bit about his therapy and how I thought he should be progressing more then he was. That he works well enough with the therapists but it seemed like he had done better with his first (Debbie) and I wasn’t sure if it was them, him, or what, but that I’d really thought he could be doing more. I asked her what her opinion was on the amount of therapy we were doing weekly, and she never really gave me a direct answer. She did, however, say she’d refer us to the Rehab Institute (Children’s Hosp had a waiting list) for an evaluation and that they were excellent.

I then discussed aquatic therapy. I told her I thought he would greatly benefit from it, that even some of the therapists had recommended it at some point. She agreed but was concerned about the waiting list, again. She said they could do a couple of sessions and teach me some things, but she wasn’t sure they’d be able to do a regular schedule. We shall see.

We touched a little on Hippotherapy (horseback riding). She thought it would be great for him when he was a little older. Maybe by next visit, he’ll be ready. Grandma has already talked to some people about it. I’m concerned about cost, so I’ve been thinking about ways to raise funds for him. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this therapy. It helps with balance, trunk control, and there’s just something soothing about horses.

I can tell LJ is ready to do more. He flips on his tummy, puts his butt in the air, and whines like, what the hell do I do from here? So this next few weeks, I plan on working with weight bearing through his arms.

I am really excited about what we got accomplished during that session. When I talked to our PT later (who felt awful about forgetting the email), she said there was an aquatic therapy through EI (Early Intervention-where she’s from) and that it wouldn’t replace normal PT. She said she’d call our coordinator and tell her we were interested. I thought that was great, but it kind of left me wondering why no one had mentioned this before??


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