little man with the plan

So I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, hence my lack of updates. I’d like to blame third trimester hormones but I’m sure a lack of social life combined with no hobbies, also has something to do with it.

Anywho, the therapists meeting went pretty well. I was a little nervous about telling them how to do their jobs, but they were very receptive. Plus, they really couldn’t take offense when their boss, LJ’s coordinator, was there. She helped me through the process, and I didn’t even call her beforehand.

I suggested a notebook, where they write what they worked on weekly, so I could see and understand what we were working on and so could Louie, or anyone else for that matter. I also suggested getting a big white board and planning for monthly mini-goals (we have much larger, 6 month-1 year goals) that would get us to our larger goals and keep us focused. I suggested they give me something to work on every week, and with a calendar staring right at me, I was bound to do an hour of therapy with LJ, on my own.

I talked about some things I wanted him to do or work on, like increasing function in his left arm/hand, and not just using it as a support arm. I want him to start feeding himself, communicating with me, playing with more advanced toys. I want to push him. I know he can do more. I don’t want him to get comfortable with mommy doing everything for him. Mommy is getting really tired.

LJ’s coordinator suggested we have team meetings like this every 3 months, to re-evaluate.

I still need to pick up those things from the store, we’ve just been waiting for that paycheck to hit the bank. I plan to use the white board for keeping track of feeding as well. Feeding has become a little bit of a pain again, recently. For awhile I blamed it on his two teeth coming in, but more recently it seems to be that he’s just distracted. We’ve sat in the high chair for up to an hour before. And I feed him every 3 hours.

This weekend will be nice. It’s our 4 year anniversary this Saturday and Louie is taking me to a nice Italian restaurant where I’ll be served (hence, the WAITER), order desert, and not have to do the dishes afterwards. And I get to get all pretty. I just need some cute, flat shoes.


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