Sick again

New layout. Needed something cleaner, simple, but still cute. I’ve been trying to organize my life and still trying to catch up from the holidays (still 700+ entries to read) so cleaning up my blog seemed to be appropriate.

I’m sick. Second time this pregnancy. I don’t remember getting sick with LJ.

Despite being a little behind in my reader, I’ve been getting a lot done. I’ve really tried to get in contact with groups associated with Cerebral Palsy (CP). I joined a group via phone that basically is sending me tons of information on CP and I called my local UCP group. They told me there weren’t really any groups with parents of children with CP, that mostly that would be Autism and that CP was kind of like the minority around here. The groups that they did have would be people with CP. I was disappointed, but I haven’t given up hope. It’s easy to get lonely when you don’t have others to relate.

My house is mostly clean (haven’t felt well enough to clean today) and I’ve got my info in for LJ’s appeal on the kid cart in(something I don’t think I’ve talked about but is basically a wheel chair stroller that has attachments like a seat the raises up and down, designed for him).

LJ hasn’t been gaining weight, again. Now I’m on a try and feed him every 3 hours schedule. Keeps me busy. Let’s hope it works, our we’ll be trying to get him an appetite stimulant.

Trying to get ready for the new baby. Figuring out what we need and what we don’t. Still trying to come up with a name. Any suggestions?


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