Preggo Pic: Week 22 and Sex Results

Halfway there! I’m really packing on the pounds but I suppose my doctor will give me the okay anyway. I’m pretty sure I was underweight to begin with and I actually lost weight during the first couple of months.
Baby is suppose to be about 11 inches long and really kicking. I can feel it and so can Louie.
I feel like I’m really carrying this baby low this time around. I’ve been forgetting how big I am and letting my stomach get in the way of things. Like I’m actually surprised that it’s difficult for me to bend over and pick something off the floor.
I’ve had a few aches and pains, some in my back and some in my stomach. Nothing bad or consistent, so I just lie on my left side when it happens. Nesting, though not really suppose to show up until late in the third trimester, has really kicked in. I’ve been cleaning like crazy.
My lady lumps are getting up there. It’s nice that I work at home because most of the time I let them run free. Louie doesn’t mind.
And of course, what you’ve all really been waiting for are the results: boy or girl?
………….of course we’re having a boy. And let me tell you, there isn’t a doubt. Even I could tell that he had a turtle.
I love my boys and I know I’m just evening out the playing fields out there but I’m really not helping my home situation. I told Louie that means we have to get another dog… female this time.

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