Shave and a Haircut….To bits

“His hair is awfully long,” some would say, oh-so-subtly.
Aww, your hair is in your eyes” a relative would say, frankly.
“I like his curls,” I’d reply. “I’m also his mom so I decide when and how my sons hair should be cut.”
Ok, so I never said the last remark, but my hormones have REALLY wanted me to. A few other mothers were supportive of my decision on letting his shag and all natural curls hang. But those were few and far between.
Still, I’m not one to give into “peer pressure”. Or listen to adult authority (I guess that means with one baby and another on the way, I still consider myself a kid…or at least a rebellious teenager).
When people stopped bugging me on when they thought I should cut my son’s hair, I started thinking about it. Really, it was when I was trying to comb the food out of his hair, him screaming bloody murder at me for even touching his head.
I knew I would be the one to cut it. I know my son and I’ve been to beauty school, most of it anyways (before actual completion a miscarriage led to depression which led to the lack of motivation to actually get out of bed). I knew he would scream. I knew once he was pissed, he’d throw his upper body in anyway that would permit movement.
After scouring the Internet for the perfect little boy cut, I finally came up with one. I didn’t want to cut it short, like many of the boys in the pictures had it, and I finally found out I wasn’t the only mother to let her baby have shaggy hair. In fact, comparatively, LJ’s hair wasn’t bad at all.
I finally found the perfect cut on none other then Amalah. Be sure to scroll down past the first pic, which is exactly how she (and I) did not want our babies’ hair to be.
Without further adieu, I give you his first haircut. The before…

So happy…


And after!

I have no regrets and I didn’t even cry (probably because I was too busy fighting him).

I did, however, tell Louie that when people remark how we finally cut his hair, we can tell them, “Yeah! Now you can stop bugging the shit out of us!”


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