Well, being sick is one way to keep me off blogger. So here are some updates:

  1. LJ is better. Was sick for about 2 days then he was fine
  2. I, on the other hand, probably got two illnesses, back to back. I thought I was fine, then after grocery shopping with my dad I felt like garbage. Come last Thursday, I lost my voice for the first time ever and couldn’t work the last remaining days of the weeks. Big fat FAIL since Thanksgiving is coming up which means less hours.
  3. Louie then started to get sick on Friday but he’s lucky enough to be able to medicate himself and is feeling well enough to work today. Although he probably wouldn’t give himself much of a choice even if he didn’t feel well enough.
  4. I’ve gained weight! Lots of food = lots of eating. I’ve been really hungry lately, too.
  5. I’m still in the process of unpacking. I want to find my camera so I can do belly pics.
  6. I’m 14 weeks! End of first trimester! Be gone, raging hormones!
  7. My first OB appointment today with, from what I hear, is a fabulous doctor. I heard from Louie‘s mom that he’ll take all the precautions and do a weekly ultrasound during the last couple of weeks.
  8. Haven’t seen any of the therapists in a while. Because I gave them the courtesy of not getting the other kids sick! I wish other parents would do the same since my immune system is destroyed.
  9. Talked to BFF for awhile about a few of our issues.
  10. She made it up to me by bringing me a copy of Twilight, which all the cool bloggers have been raving about. I have to make sure to skip posts that immediately mention the book’s title because I HATE SPOILERS. So I will refrain from writing specifics here except for my love for it. Which I know I will love, even though I haven’t started it yet (I know I won’t be able to put it down and BFF hasn’t gone through the second book yet)
  11. Have I mentioned that I’m 14 weeks! In less then a month, I’ll be taking bets on which gender you think it is. I will have belly pics up by then, promise.

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