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    Wife to Bryce and mother of three children, LJ, Noah, and Sofia. Living in a very "special" world of special needs. LJ has cerebral palsy, myoclonic seizures, developmental delays, and cortical visual impairment. This is our yellow brick road.
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Your PhD A$$ is FIRED

We got a call back from the Neurologist on Tuesday (2 weeks ago) about his EEG. He didn’t have any seizures during the procedure but it was “abnormal”. He said that there was evidence that he’s had seizures in the past.

Well, duh. I could have told him that. Oh wait, I did. (And it’s in his history…)

I wait for him to continue (or get his stuff together) and he states that he wants to put him on Phenobarbital. I wait for him to elaborate as to why, but he just continues on about the medication.

I jump in once he seems to lose his thoughts, So, he’s going to take this just in case?

Right, he’s more prone to seizures.

I ask him about the effects; I know it makes him sleepy and he has had too much in his system at one point. He goes on about the levels that would be considered high, and that he wouldn’t consider anything high until 45, but oh wait, it looks like LJ was at 55 and that isn’t so bad.

Oh, and Phenobarb does make you sleepy and could interfere with development (making them too drowsy) but since LJ already has problems, it shouldn’t matter.

WTF. Do no make me come down there and stick you PhD right up your ass.

Then he changes his mind; he wants him to be on Keppra.

By this time, mom-alert is on red This guy is actually changing his mind about medication while I’m on the phone? Great, he’s at least listening to me… until he starts asking me the same damn questions we talked about at the appointment.

Then he says we should do an MRI. But, oh wait, he had a CT done in June that he didn’t look over last night when he was looking at LJ’s chart (insert blood curdling scream hear)

I told him Louie would call him back. There were plenty of questions I’m sure he would have. Maybe he could understand where this guy was coming from.


Wednesday, I call Louie at work to give him a list of questions I came up with for the good ol‘ doctor. I’m put on speakerphone, to hear that Louie is already talking to Dr.AH (asshole).

I’m just trying to understand where your coming from and why LJ is being put on medication?

Ok, so he needs this medication because he’s prone to seizures. Why? (pause) Is it because his results are consistent with other patients that were prone to seizures and have had them?

At this point, I can tell Louie is frustrated. But when Louie asked Dr.AH if he looked over everything and that he was just trying to make sure this medication was right for our son, since he had seemed a little scattered on the phone, the good ol‘ doctor replied,

Well, I’m sure you remember ALL of your clients…

Um, yeah. Maybe he doesn’t, but he doesn’t admit that, and he preps before he calls them.

Louie Your attitude is unbelievable right now. How you are speaking to me is not okay. Can we see another doctor?

Dr.AH You can see anyone you want to.

Louie Can you give me a referral (remember, we had to have a referral to even get an appointment)

Dr.AH I’m not referring YOU to anyone!

Louie then hung up on him. To make a long story short (believe it or not) I called the nurse manager. She had the Neurology Clinic’s Chief look at my chart and make a recommendation on which doctor we should see, and though we’d have to wait a month, she thought I would really like him. She then urged me to call Patient Advocate, which I did and told them they needed to follow up with me.

And to even things out a bit, I also gave them a compliment to pass on to our impersonable Opthamologist, who has performed eye surgery on LJ. Who may not have been personable, but was completely professional and someone we were confident to care for our son.

Lesson? Just because someone has a PhD, doesn’t mean they have a right to treat you like crap. I would be devastated to know that I hadn’t done anything and another mother had to go through what I did. I know if life hadn’t thrown as much crap at me as it had, I would not have dealt with this as well. I felt even more justified in my decision when Kim (LJ’s vision therapist) told me that there were two other incidents with the same doctor that were her clients. One of them had been a pregnant mother of twins and he had put her in such hysterics that he had to leave the office and the nurses had to come calm her down.

I really hope he either gets his act together or gets fired.


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