A Week Full

Things have been hectic this week. I’ve barley had time to catch up on my Reader (down to 62), let alone catch up on my blogs. Here’s a quick recap of our hectic schedule this week:

  1. The long awaited Neurology appointment (Monday) Ugh. We’ll just leave that for tomorrows post, since I’ve got plenty to say on that one.
  2. EEG and Rehab appointment (Tuesday) Rehab was suppose to be on Monday but there was a schedule mishap that wasn’t my fault. These appointments went considerably well, especially with LJ on 3 1/2 hours of sleep. It was a long day for me. This one also ties into the Neurology appointment.
  3. Post op appointment (Wednesday) LJ’s eyes look great. No infections, despite him rubbing his eyes (I tried to stop him, but you can only do so much). He has to wear a patch over his left eye 1-2 hours a day to help strengthen that musle
  4. Occupational (Amy) and Physical (Mindy) therapist (Thursday) Amy was thrilled to see his head control improved. She figures it probably had to due with his lack of ability to coordinate his poor vision with his hands and head.
    Mindy showed us a few stretching moves for his legs and his left arm. She didn’t work him too hard since Amy had been there earlier. Next week, she’ll be coming at the same time as Amy for some co-treating. This, and the fact the the therapists actually talk to one another, thrills me.
  5. Louie’s birthday was on Tuesday. He had an extremely busy day, since he had taken off last Friday and Monday. I was so busy running around that I didn’t have time to bake him brownies or really do anything for him. I wanted to get him a Blackberry to help with his business but we’ve been having a few issues with his work so we want to at least settle into our new place before we start another bill.
  6. That’s right, we’ll be moving again, in October. Apparently our apartment complex has new owners and management and they’re trying to raise our rent 85 bucks. Not gonna happen since every time I call the maintenance man, I have to call the office at least two times before anything will happen. And the maintenance man’s word doesn’t mean crap. They left my A/C leaking all weekend and I had to bitch before someone would come clean our carpets. I wonder if mold got into the ventilation system because I’ve been sneezing like crazy. They said it wasn’t likely. AH.

Today, no appointments and hardly any work (that’s going to kill me come moving time). I’ve just been kickin‘ back and thinking about what to do this weekend. People have actually invited me out with them, and even though some Frenemies might be there, I’ve been considering it. I really need to get out after this week. And I need to do something for Louie. With all the love and flowers he’s been showing me lately, he deserves it. Anyone have any suggestions? (I already gave him something, Mean Girls style.)

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