Surgery Day

Everyone give him a kiss, the nurse said as she swiped her card and opened the double doors.

Louie leaned down and kissed LJ, who was fussing in my arms. Grandma and Grandpa (Louie‘s parents) followed his lead and bid their goodbyes.

And then, before I could kiss him, the nurse swooped him from my arms, taking his blue elephant with her and quickly walked away. I could feel the tears burning my eyes.

We had gone through check in and all the possible things that could happen, though we didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to have any bad energy. Our normally inpersonable doctor, was quite cheerful (probably because she was within her element). It was actually comforting.

We quietly made our ways downstairs, to the surgery waiting area. After settling in, we were able to distract our protective instincts by discussing the Olympics (and how wonderful Phelps is).

I texted my BFF, my mom, and my aunt to let everyone know. Aunt K called me to tell me we were in a prayer chain and to ask if she could talk to my dad. I told her I didn’t mind.

At 11:15, the doctor came to talk with us. The surgery had gone well and he was in recovery. She warned us his eyes would be red and he would have bloody tears. In an hour and a half, we could come up and see him.

Grandpa and Louie went to eat and of course, they called us up early. I didn’t wait for them, as I practically knocked doctors down on the way to the elevator. We stood in front of the elephants and waited for LJ to come out.

A nurse wheeled a bed through the doors and asked to see my band. LJ was lying there, covered by a thin, white sheet. His eyes were closed, swollen, and red. I shuddered, seeing the blood on his nose.

We went through another set of double doors, where there were curtains closing off sections for privacy. Inside the “room” was a familiar recliner and a single chair, with room for little else.

I sat in the chair and LJ was placed in my arms, IV line and all (too familiar). LJ fussed quietly as Grandma and I attempted to soothe him. When the nurse took his line out, he was able to be calmed.

He’s resting at home now. I’ve gotten use to the blood in his eyes and he seems to be handling it pretty well. I can already see that his eyes aren’t wandering, though he’s probably seeing double due to the surgery. I’m thankful, relieved, and excited. And maybe a little exhausted.

I want to thank everyone for there well wishes. It means a lot to me to have your support and we’ll take every bit we can get. That’s why I made sure to let you guys know, as soon as we got back.

Have a good weekend, all.

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