LJ’s Birth Story: Going Home

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On Wednesday, they did an MRI which showed that there was damage to the brain. However, it also showed that no further damage had been done since his first CT scan, so he was not having seizures. They decided by Friday, we could take him home.

We were thrilled! We called family and friends to report the good news.

That day, we moved from Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, to Pediatric Care, which was a room of our vary own, with a window seat that turned into a bed, a television, it’s own bathroom, and best of all, a recliner. The plan was that we’d go home that night and bring out things the next day to stay Thursday night.

They needed to make sure we could care for our son, so we took CPR classes there and a small class on what to do it he has a seizure.

The first day he was transferred was a little rough. The nurse made him cry for the first time ever while drawing blood from his arm, so a different nurse came in and drew it from his foot, which he did fine with (not sure why the other nurse didn’t do it that way). Then they did his circumcision, which Louie and I still discuss whether or not the doctor botched it (it was her first time).

We went home that night, feeling like kids waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. I carefully selected his outfit for the next day and the day he would go home. We brought books, his car seat, and clothes for ourselves, but never remembered to bring a camera; we were just so elated.

The next day, we went to the hospital a little later then normal. The nurses reported that he was doing fine and that would do the car seat test today; they had to make sure nothing was obstructing his airway while he was sitting it. He passed.

The whole day was spent rocking, feeding, changing, and cooing over LJ. I mostly slept in the recliner, waiting to feed LJ throughout the night. Louie woke up a few times, the proud father smile disappearing from his face as he would fall back asleep. Early the next morning, the nurses said we could leave whenever we were ready.

That afternoon, we took our little boy home. And much like in the movie, Knocked Up, I rode in the back with LJ, all the way home.

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