First Birthdays Rock

LJ’s birthday theme was Elmo. I know, I know, very original. The main reason we chose Elmo was not because he’s my son’s favorite Sesame Street character (we haven’t begun that road yet) but more because Elmo is red, which is a color LJ is attracted to, and his face is very exaggerated. Simply put, Elmo is easy for LJ to see!

I already knew I wanted to bake LJ his own cake, but after we got the Elmo cake pan, we decided to make two (on top of the Cold Stone Cake we bought). The hardest part? Dying the icing. Let me just tell you now, it takes a while for the colors to set in, especially dark ones including red (which I could have sworn was going to be bright pink).

Not bad on the color, if I do say so myself. The black never turned all the way, but everything else was pretty close! Louie did the top one and I did the bottom. I liked his icing tip better, but from a distance, they look the same. Except mine looks cracked out.

LJ had a blast. More so then I thought he would. He got quite a bit more cake in his mouth then I anticipated, but the icing was his favorite part.

Dude, this stuff is pretty good…

I’m going to use one of the last two pictures for this week’s Exposaroonie challenge. Which one do you like better?


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