Is it 7:30 yet?

Was up at 4 this morning. LJ did fine waking up. He was even laughing. We cuddled for awhile and then I let him play. He started fussing about 5:30, which is pretty good. He’s still letting me comfort him but I can tell this no food and not enough sleep thing is making him a very unhappy guy. Let’s just hope this works for the CT scan (will be there at 7:45) It’s hard to see him needing something and not be able to take care of it.

I’ve been trying to distract LJ for the past 30 minutes. Changing his toys around, especially with musical ones. But it’s getting to the point where he’s not going to be distracted. All I can do is sit with him and cuddle while he cries. I hate feeling so helpless.


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