I’m The Mama, Hear Me Roar

Yesterday we went to the new pediatrician, we’ll call him Dr. Ped to make things easy to remember. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him for a long time.

There was a range of emotions after meeting with this wonderful man for the first time. He was a shorter man, with a very round head, who spoke soft, slow words.  He thought about what he was saying, which is more than I can say for more people (including myself).

Immediately, we launched into his history. I rattled off several of my concerns, but before I could even finish my second rant, he told us that he’d get us a referral for the neurologist.

Has anyone ever mentioned that his head his on the smaller side.

Are you kidding me? Not only have we talked to our last pediatrician about SEVERAL of our concerns about his head, we were told it was normal. Dr. Ped then told us that he could tell just by looking at it that it was smaller and that we should figure out what’s going on. He was sure that once we figured it out, a lot of our questions would be answered. And we’d also understand where to go from there.

We have been trying for months to get a neurologist referral, only to be brushed off and sent to a developmental behavioral doctor. They couldn’t get us in till FALL (no joke) but they wanted US to see the neurologist. However, they wouldn’t give us a referral since they hadn’t seen him (note: referral MUST be from doctor). Not to mention, much like the developmental behavioral department, neurology might take a while to get into, thus making it even more important to get an appointment NOW.

Dr. Ped told us that the developmental behavioral department deals more with ADOLESCENTS. Great, no one bothered to tell me that, including the developmental behavioral dept (which I waited two weeks to get a call back on an appointment for).

Dr. Ped reassured me that LJ wasn’t missing any important vaccines and that we’d get him next time, though we did do a blood drawl. His office then made two appointments for me but gave me three phone numbers:

  • Appointment for CT scan next week. LJ will be mildly sedated. I’m totally freaked out.
  • Appointment for NICU Specialty which would be the baby version of the developmental behavioral doctor. (They said I had an appointment in January, but the funny thing is it wasn’t there when I called in December, frantically looking for that appointment)
  • Phone number for neurology. They faxed a referral for me, though I was unable to make an appointment since it was too late. (I got confused and had to call the pediatrician’s office to ask what department the CT was in–had to reschedule because they wanted LJ to go from 8 am to 2 pm without eating, and unless they want to treat ME when we go in, that’s not happening.)

So I got more done with that doctor then I have in almost 11 months with my prior pediatrician. It just goes to show that just because someones nice doesn’t mean they’re for you.

(And I’m not even going to THINK about what the results will be of the CT. Or what I will do to my old pediatrician if it’s something that shouldn’t have been missed.)

Later today I will finally post the first part of the birth story. It will explain a lot.

And finally, we are going to Rockfest, baby. Louie’s mom had her plans fall through, so I get to spend most of my day drinking and partying like a rock star. Just kidding. I don’t have the energy for that anymore. But I will be drinking. First concert since I got pregnant!

This is where you tell me your plans for the weekend.


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