Exposed! Thong,thon,thong,thong…

This break is brought you by Exposaroonie. This week’s challenge: Bad Habit.

Honestly, I was going to skip this one. Most of my bad habits I’ve quit (i.e. smoking) and I really couldn’t think of any others (besides my caffeine addiction). Then I remembered, every year I simply cannot go without buying new flip flops. I love shoes in general, but it doesn’t matter how many thongs I have, I will definetly buy another pair come summer. Maybe two. I thought about doing general open-toe shoes, but out of all my shoes, I have more flip flops then anything else.

I decided to go ahead and enter, because the prize this week is a moleskin. So many people have been talking about these and I’m dying to have one. I could really use a journal. too.

However, I had a slight problem staging… I just can’t take pictures of shoes! I doubt I’ll win, but you never know unless you try!

I really don’t care for any of these pictures. Blah, oh well.

What’s you’re bad habit?

(I was going to do Oreos, but I ate them all…)


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