Easter Sunday

We went to church yesterday for the first time in months. No, we’re not the Christmas/Easter church-goers, it’s just lately, we take what sleep that we can and it just so happens that LJ likes to sleep in on Sundays. And at our church, there’s only one mass (ahh, so much different then the Catholic churches I use to sleep…er, go to).

LJ was pretty content with staring at the stained glass for the first 30 minutes or so, while listening to the choir music. He got hungry so I had to go to the cry room. It’s funny, though, because while I was rocking him, I got a little sad, thinking about last Easter when I lost my grandfather. At that point, the pastor started talking about how holidays can be hard on some that miss others. Every since I started attending this church, every single mass has been relevant to my life.

Normally, afterwards, I follow Louie around (after handing the baby off) while he mingles, but this time LJ helped us out of there by telling all of us that he really needed a nap. We went back to Louie’s parents and chatted while we waited for the ham. Louie’s mom got LJ this:

Oh, how the holidays affect us!

On Saturday, we let LJ try ham & apples…

Louie’s mom also got us a cute picture book, filled with pictures from my baby shower, LJ’s first bath, and time with his uncles. She’s a sweetheart.

Hope you all had a safe and happy Easter.


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