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    Wife to Bryce and mother of three children, LJ, Noah, and Sofia. Living in a very "special" world of special needs. LJ has cerebral palsy, myoclonic seizures, developmental delays, and cortical visual impairment. This is our yellow brick road.
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I ♥ JabbawockeeZ

Watched America’s Best Dance Crew last night. It was a tribute to Michael Jackson’s best selling album (of all time, might I add) Thriller. I was impressed with all of the crews’ performances, except Status Quo. Since they had already done a performance with M.J moves, I really had expected more from them, but the leader had an obvious memory lapse, as he missed a few steps in the middle.

Of course, it really wouldn’t matter how well they did, to me, since my love goes to the JabbawockeeZ. Their slick moves captivated me in their first performance. And every performance has topped the last. Their style is so different from Michael Jackson, yet they were able to perform his moves, beautifully, while incorporating their own. They were also able to show how Michael Jackson really did change the world of dance and how they even use some of his moves in their own style. Add on top of that, their great attitude toward their fans, judges, and most of all, each other, it’s easy to see why I love them so much.
In the beginning, there was a crew  Enigma, from Tampa. I have to say I was pretty ticked that the only crew from FL had to make us look like a bunch of jealous a-holes. So, I don’t live in FL now, but I consider that my home state. The south could have been represented so much better…
Seeing Mario Lopez (aka Slater) brings me back, too. He looks like he hasn’t aged a day since those t.v. high school days. His dimples are still ginormous…
I do love Break Sk8. I use to rollar skate every Sunday with my mom and I was good. I could shuffle skate (skating the beat of the music), skate backwards, and all that jazz. These guys, however, are something I use to dream of being. I really never thought it was possible, though. Some of you may wonder why a rollar skating crew is on a dance competition but believe me, you can dance on skates. It’s tough, too, because there aren’t steps, per say. This week, they really focused on their arm movement and overall togetherness as a crew. I really didn’t think they could measure up to Michael Jackson, but they were amazing. I don’t even think they have experience with danicing off skates. But that’s what makes them unique. Plus, the fact that they never fall, even when doing crazy flips (I can’t believe they can land those stunts on skates!) I’m sure a lot of people don’t give these guys enough credit.

Also, I do love Kaba Modern’s energy and style (and the cute Asian ladies), but I love JabbawockeeZ more.

If you watch America’s Best Dance Crew, who’s your favorite?


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