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    Wife to Bryce and mother of three children, LJ, Noah, and Sofia. Living in a very "special" world of special needs. LJ has cerebral palsy, myoclonic seizures, developmental delays, and cortical visual impairment. This is our yellow brick road.
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The List: 101/1001

Start Date: February.01.2008

End Date: November.03.2010

001) Visit mom with LJ and Louie
002) Go to the beach
003) Plan a romantic getaway for Louie and I

004) Take belly dancing class
005) Take cooking class
006) Take a dance class
007) Take a wine tasting class
008) Take a pilates/yoga class (bonus: stick with it)
009) Get facial
010) Get manicure
011) Get pedicure
012) Get massage
013) Spend 10 minutes to myself, everyday
014) Finish one of my scrapbooks
015) Go roller skating
016) Read a different book each month (15/33)
017) Get a makeover
018) Bake an awesome Cheesecake
019) Get waxed somewhere besides eyebrows…
020) Contact birth mother
021) Contact half sister
022) Pay respects to grandma and grandpa
023) Start doing crunches to get rid of the pudge LJ left behind
024) Get hair colored
025) Continue taking prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding
026) Write some poems
027) Tone tummy, similar pre-pregnancy

028) Make a new friend
029) Attend Rockfest
030) Get in touch with an old friend
031) Host a poker game
032) Have a date night with Louie, once a month (5/33)
033) Find someone to have playdates with for LJ
034) Go to high school reunion
035) Go to someone’s party…even if you don’t want to
036) Give someone flowers, just because

Want (me, me, me…)
037) Get digital camera
038) Get designer something (shoes, bag, jeans…)
039) Get my tattoo
040) Get new earrings
041) Get a new computer

042) Get family pictures taken
043) Send out family pictures
044) Get Louie a “new” car
045) Get Louie a new suit
046) Get Louie a new laptop
047) Have Louie’s family over for dinner
048) Transition LJ to his own bed
049) Potty train LJ
050) Teach LJ to crawl .
051) Teach LJto walk
052) Take LJ to the zoo
053) Get Louie a Blackberry
054) Go on a picnic

055) Pay of credit cards (2/2)
056) Make arrangements for medical bills
057) Start LJ’s college fund
058) Start retirement plan
059) Start a plan to buy a home
060) Create a budget
061) Stick with budget
062) Find a way to make extra money

063) Decorate second bathroom
064) Create canvas art for LJ’s room
065) Buy a dining room set
066) Buy plants
067) Buy some chic decor
068) Buy a cordless phone
069) Get more picture frames
070) Hang up pictures
071) Get decals for LJ’s room
072) Obtain patio furniture, of any kind
073) Buy organizational items for desk
074) Buy art for bedroom

075) Get insurance for family
076) Buy a Karma Sutra book
077) Try something in said Karma Sutra book
078) Visit a museum
079) Make family calendar
080) Develop cameras that are lying around (I’m so bad at that)
081) Make mom her own LJ scrapbook
082) Bake LJ’s first cake
083) Go to the Drive In movies
084) Paint some more clay figures (or whatever they’re called)
085) Go bowling
086) Get one of LJ’s first shoes bronzed
087) Write a list of 101 things that make me happy (0/101)
088) Take a picture for each (0/101)
089) Go Camping
090) Bake bread
091) Get a fish..or two
092) Clean out the closet
093) Donate unwanted closet items
094) Buy a new journal
095) Write in new journal
096) Create a personal memorial for her
097) Finish “biography”
098) Print biography
099) Go to an art festival
100) Baby-proof home
101) Write another 101 list


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